About Us

 REAL TIME CONCEPT LTD had its name incorporated under the company and allied matters act of 1990 with Certificate of Incorporation number RC: 396838 on 29th November 2001. Real Time Concept is a leading provider of independent research services, product development, technical support and training to the Nigerian agricultural community.
The company provides a range of services principally aimed at the development of agricultural services and systems, and ensuring their safe and effective use.
Clients of Real Time Concept Ltd include a diverse range of private and public organizations involved in the development of large scale farms and adoption of pesticides, fertilizers, crop varieties and other agricultural inputs. Other clients include farmer groups, agricultural distributors, universities, research corporations and state and federal government organizations.
Our experienced staff, proven systems and extensive equipment gives us the capacity to provide a number of services to the agricultural industry and enhance the beauty and functionality of homes or properties. The Company provides services relating to:

  • Agricultural input supply and advisory
  • Soil testing, soil quality assessment and management, land use and evaluation,
  • monitoring the effects of farm, ranch, or forest activities on soil productivity
  • predicting the effect of land management options on natural resources
  • preparing reports describing land and soil characteristics
  • training other personnel
  • preparing technical papers and attending professional soil science meetings
  • managing soils for crop production, forest products and erosion control management.
  • investigating forest soils, wetlands, environmental endangerment, ecological status, and archeological sites
  • assessing application of wastes including non-hazardous process wastes (residue and sludge management)
  • assessing environmental hazards, including hazardous waste sites that involve soil investigation techniques, evaluation of chemical fate and transport phenomena, and remediation alternatives
  • Landscape design, installation and maintenance.
  • Pesticide Efficacy Studies
    • Crop Tolerance Screens
    • Pesticide Residue Studies
    • Crop Nutrition and Fertilizer Evaluation
    • Evaluation of New Crops Varieties
    • GM Crop Evaluation
    • Agronomic Systems Development
    • Field Trials for Product Demonstration and Market Development
    • Contract Sowing, Maintenance and Harvest Of Field Trials
    • Grain Quality Testing to Delivery Standards (Cereals & Canola)
    • Training on Spray Technology, Pesticide Storage, Transport    and Handling
    • Extension of Research to Industry Professionals and Growers
    • Project Management of Applied R&D Programs
    • General Consulting Services to Our Valued Clients

All services provided are on a confidential basis at an agreed price with all intellectual property remaining with the client. Our level of involvement ranges from integrating into and filling gaps in the client’s in-house research teams through to the provision of complete research and registration packages.

Our team of experienced staff, proven systems, leading edge technology and equipment reflects our track record of delivering quality research on time and on budget, with a personalised service customised to your individual requirements.

Our dedicated team of agronomists service all major agricultural regions of Nigeria. We provide centrally coordinated service on a national scale with our extensive network of collaborators in other states. We are also involved in designing and beautifying your environment as per:

Landscape Design-Real time Concept employs a landscape design staff to guide the entire landscape process from design through installation and construction.  We specialize in unique designs featuring everything from brick patios to waterfalls and can even include carefully chosen specimen trees, shrubs and perennials.  Our many years of landscape experience combined with our commitment to excellence assures the perfect design for your home or business.

Landscape Installation– Real Time Concept is proud of our talented craftsmen who install and build your landscape dream. Our crew leaders and operations managers are knowledgeable in many aspects of landscape installation.  We provide the attention to every detail from installing your new plant material.  We take great personal pride in exceeding your expectations. Let our experienced crew install your dream landscape for you to enjoy for many years to come.
– Shade and ornamental trees, shrubs, perennials, seasonal flowers, and more.

Landscape Maintenance-Real Time Concept understands that properly maintaining your new landscape investment is critical to its beauty and longevity. We are a full service lawn care and landscaping company with an experienced and knowledgeable staff to meet all your lawn and landscaping care needs. We offer many packages from routine lawn care to a complete monthly residential programme.

Let us do the work and allow you the weekend to enjoy.  We can even keep our relationship year-round, should you be interested in our services.

MISSION – Our mission is to render a one-stop professional service to all our existing and future customers. We will always strive for perfect service delivery. We will only use products of the highest quality. Our customers will always be our main priority and it will be our mission to satisfy every single customer at any cost. We will render a service with great value for money. By rendering this professional service we will strengthen our brand and underwrite our future and fortify the economy. Our purpose is to provide our expertise and services to our customers. It will be our purpose to make sure that all our customers and their families have a place where they can get away from the day-to-day stress by relaxing in their exterior designed lifestyle spaces. Our product and service will improve our customers’ quality of life…

VISION-  Our vision is to set up a national and worldwide network of branches so that we can render the same product / service to any customer in the country who wishes to experience good service and excellent quality.

Our brand will be defined as one that… •Is always consistent in quality and service, •Enjoys a high visibility and value for our customers, •Enjoys a high degree of loyalty from our customers, •Keep on setting new trends in the landscaping industry, •Creates a specific status symbol for our clients, •Is continually aware of new opportunities to serve our customers, •Is passionate about improving the lifestyle of our customers, •Stands for integrity

We have successfully completed work in a number of estates all over Nigeria. We strive for a personal, professional one stop service. We only use products of the highest quality and always strive to be consistent in our quality and service. If you are looking for a relationship with a company which stands for the above; you are welcome to join our family of satisfied customers.


 REAL TIME CONCEPT has done several jobs to her credit for both government,non-governmental organizations and individuals. In her bid to render high quality services, REAL TIME CONCEPT has assembled experienced team of professionals in several fields.