Farm Input Provision

We supply and advise our clients on:

  • Agriculture inputs i.e. seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, Agro Chemicals like Insecticides, herbicides
  • Farm equipment, agri-implements, machinery, tractors, combine harvesters, power tillers, Precision Farming equipment, Generator sets, irrigation pumps and pipes etc.
  • Agricultural/Horticulture Products like fruits, vegetables, flowers and other horticultural crops
  • Irrigation equipment, machinery & Watershed Management products
  • Agri-Biotechnology equipment, Nanotechnology equipment, Tissue culture Laboratory equipment, Soil Testing Equipment, Climate Control & Automation Equipment
  • Poly houses, Greenhouses, Shedding Nets
  • Agri Business Consultants
  • Floriculture & Nursery Industry
  • Organic Food Products & Organic Certification Agencies
  • Grading, Sorting, Wrapping, Sealing & Lamination, Elevator, Conveyors, Rotary Separators Equipment manufacturers & Suppliers

All services provided are on a confidential basis at an agreed price with all intellectual property remaining with the client. Our level of involvement ranges from integrating into and filling gaps in the client’s in-house research teams through to the provision of complete research and registration packages.

Our team of experienced staff, proven systems, leading edge technology and equipment reflects our track record of delivering quality research on time and on budget, with a personalised service customised to your individual requirements.

Our dedicated team of agronomists service all major agricultural regions of Nigeria. We provide centrally coordinated service on a national scale with our extensive network of collaborators in other states. We are also involved in designing and beautifying your environment as per:

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